Residential Design

Feick Design Group (FDG) is a multi-disciplinary firm known for creative designs and the ability to identify the potential each property offers. Whether your project is retail, office, industrial, institutional, mix-use or residential, we will provide you with the architectural and engineering services to design a successful project that maximizes your value. We work with you throughout the development and approval process to create a design that meets your unique needs while preserving valuable site amenities, in a timely and cost-effective matter.

Commercial Design

Green Building.

As a client of FDG, you can depend on our team to provide you with successful residential developments by interpreting the unique characteristics of each project and parcel of land.  We will blend your needs with the desires of the local community.  We can design projects that preserve the amenities of a site while creating an attractive neighborhood that meets the market demand.As our client we will expertly represent you by presenting your project to government review authorities and secure approvals within your time frame.

Green building is here to stay, not only as a way to save money on energy and operating costs but also as a way to lure tenants, clients and qualify for tax breaks.  Green buildings fetch higher rent and have fewer vacancies than other buildings of similar age size and location.  Even though Green construction costs more, these costs can usually be recouped after one to four years through energy savings and increased business.

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