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Green Building
Green is quickly gaining acceptance as a way to not only save money on energy and operating costs in buildings, but also as a way to lure tenants, qualify for tax breaks and attract clients.  According to a recent analysis by real estate researcher CoStar Group Inc., Green buildings fetch higher rent and have fewer vacancies than other buildings of similar age, size and location.

Building Green costs more than the construction of a standard building, with the average upfront costs being about 1.5 percent higher.  On most Green buildings, you can expect to recoup the additional expenses within one to four years through energy savings and increased business. 

The leading certification for meeting environmental standards has been Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design by the U.S. Green Building Council, or LEED™. This nonprofit organization has developed requirements for buildings that can take years to certify. Buildings receive LEED silver, gold or platinum certification.  John A. Feick is a LEED™ Accredited Professional.

Green Seal, an independent nonprofit that certifies green practices, also has set standards that businesses use to achieve third-party impartiality. 

Our services for Green Building included:
  • Water Efficient Landscaping
  • Water Use Reduction
  • Efficient Site Usage
  • Energy Performance through Material Selection
  • On-Site Renewable Energy Systems
  • Construction Waste Management
  • Indoor Air Quality Performance
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Daylighting